No One by Andrea Cohen

No one I love was taken
into the woods and shot


Love by Andrea Cohen

It’s an extreme sport


Joan by Sarah C. Harwell

Joan sits and moans It’s too loud in here
Joan once went on African safari.
Joan has three children living large.
Joan’s life has gotten very small.

Boy in Fins by Andrea Cohen

He has to walk
backwards into the sea,

as if saying goodbye
to the cliffs


For Tyrants Everywhere by Nazim Hikmet

You’re like a scorpion, my brother,
You live cowardly and bilious, in darkness

After Horace by Andrea Cohen

The dark boat that bears us away—tell me


Damian’s tale by david st. john

Because I’d gotten there so early I’d grabbed a table right
          outside The Novel Café next

To a hip young couple meditating on decorative foam leaves
          floating atop their mega-lattes