ISSUE 65, 2018

Editor’s Note


Credit Card Runaway, Sarah C. Harwell
Studies in the New Testament, Jason Zencka


Growing Up in the Arts, Carolyn Cassady
from Off the Road, Carolyn Cassady
from Travel Tips for the Timid, Carolyn Cassady


Drinks in Asheville, Mark Halliday
Be That As It May, Mark Halliday
Burn, Page Hill Starzinger
Of Liberty, Page Hill Starzinger
Spring Shoot, Page Hill Starzinger
Habituate, Page Hill Starzinger
We mistake the muscle, Cate Lycurgus
Reflection, Nautical Twilight, Cate Lycurgus
Not Quite Home, Barbara Sass
Buddy, Alan Shapiro
After Flossing, Alan Shapiro
Letter to Kathy, Alan Shapiro
Houses, Alan Shapiro
Family, Alan Shapiro
Late Desire, Alan Shapiro
Solstice Day in our Plumbed and Wired Sprawl, David Roderick
Eros the Child, David Roderick
Ode to John Clare, David Roderick
Dickinson’s Paradox, David Roderick
Still Life with Animated Gull, J. Allyn Rosser
Respite, J. Allyn Rosser
Suicide Vulture, J. Allyn Rosser
Concord River and Walden Pond, David Blair
Moony Nights, David Blair
A Drumlin Mansion in Ipswich, David Blair
Hair Leg Poem, David Blair
On Jim Kealey’s Ashes Launched with a Potato Gun, David Blair
Don’t Say You Haven’t Wondered, Paige Riehl
Color Guard Practice, Paige Riehl
Sulphur, Typical, Michael Peterson
Glory Be, Michael Peterson
After Epicetus (II), Michael Peterson
When Purity Leaves the Body, Anthony Ceballos
Two Poems about the Soul, Joshua Weiner
Time is Eternity, Angelus Silesius
Chernobyl—The Kiss of the Woman in Black, Ute von Funcke
Love, Andrea Cohen
Boy in Fins, Andrea Cohen
After Horace, Andrea Cohen
No One, Andrea Cohen
Early Stages, Keith Ekiss
Midnight Alley Fire, Keith Ekiss
End Days, Keith Ekiss

essays, interviews, & reviews

Writing As A Disappearing Act: A Conversation with Tom Sleigh
More Than A Mother And Muse: The Memoirs of Carolyn Cassady, Brett Sigurdson
Poetry Against Twisted Rhetoric: An Interview with Paige Riehl, Mariela Lemus
The Variable of Absence: Caitlin Bailey’s Solve for Desire, Ben Schroeder
The Orphic and the Ordinary: Tara Kurtu’s The Amoeba Game, Janna Knittel
Opening the Door: Robert Hedin’s At the Great Door of Morning, Michael Hettich
Where Identity and Power Intersect: Ada Limón’s The Carrying, Mariela Lemus
”Away from Home a While”: Robert Pinsky’s At the Foundling Hospital, Christopher R. Vaughan

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